Sound Solar Systems Inc.
Sound Solar Systems Inc.



                         Solar power installation reduces, or even eliminates your power bill, 

                        earning a great return on your investments.   

                   Allowing protection against rising costs of electricity.

                    Solar power also increases property value.

                 Property value will increase dependent on the number and

                  quality of the solar panels that are installed. 

                      Installing Solar Panels helps your home sell faster 

                 by reducing utility bills  and leaving less of a carbon  footprint

                    The price of a solar system depends on the location and energy output of your house

                           (ex. Your 5kW system costs $20,000)

                      Currently government cash rebates offer up to $20,000 off of installation.

                       Solar installation has a smaller carbon footprint

                          Which lowers your personal carbon footprint.

                          Doing your part to fight climate change 


Royal Bank of Canada offers  - RBC Energy Saver Loans

when purchasing energy-efficient products


Toronto Dominion Bank

offers financing options for renewable energy projects


Commercial Buildings

Government Rebates and Incentives to counter the cost of installation

Federal tax write-off

Save 50% to 100% on your energy bill

Be seen as a leader in your industry

Decreasing your carbon footprint is good media

Government of Canada offers REBATES in the form of

Climate Action Incentive Fund:

Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises Project Stream



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"The Sound Solar team job performance demonstrated strong knowledge, expertise   

and project management skills through every aspect of this project.  

I am confident that this team of professionals will be able to   

successfully complete the project within the desired time frame and budget."  

​-Kyle, Winmar Moose Jaw


why rent your power when you can own it

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Sound Solar Systems Inc.

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