Sound Solar Systems Inc.
Sound Solar Systems Inc.

James Dennis

James Dennis, president and operating partner of Sound Solar.
He is a Certified Solar Energy technician, Design & Installer,
a skilled Journeyman IronWorker with more than a decade of trade skills
and occupational health and safety experience. James has a passionate interest for
renewable energy and a keen knowledge of solar design and installation.
Currently holds a Guinness World record for participation in the longest journey by
“non- solar” electric vehicle in the Tesla roadster. Car enthusiast,
mechanical and technical knowledge and interest of electric vehicles.

Hiring James Dennis means you are hiring the best in the business.
He will ensure the job is done right and will exceed your expectations
because he is leading the industry in solar installation.


Sound Solar System inc


Sound Solar Systems Inc., is a Saskatchewan based renewable energy design and installation company, specializing in solar energy.  Founded in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2010.  This company delivers reliable, high quality renewable energy solutions to our customers.  Sound Solar Systems Inc. is a Innovative, sustainable, socially, economical solutions,  hand delivered with specialized technology and services  needed to build the clean energy industry.  We offer A diverse team of individuals that care about you, your community, and providing the best possible solar energy experience.

Sound Solar System Inc. was listed in the “Top 500 Solar Contractors” of North America by Solar Power World. We are a certified electrical contractor in Saskatchewan.

We offer a turn-key solution

- Meaning we do everything from start to finish in house

1. Sales, Solar design, installation, electrical, administration and applications, real time monitoring for the life of a system

2. Energy efficiency consulting

3. Maintenance packages

4. Roof mounts, Ground mounts, custom mounting solutions

We can offer electric vehicle infrastructure to supplement solar projects

1. We Offer expertise in Electrical Vehicle

Sound Solar Systems Inc. takes time to offer accurate information and advice to our clients instead of a “Ball Park” estimate and our work is aesthetically pleasing 


why rent your power when you can own it

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 We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please use the form for an estimate, or call us for any questions about converting your home or business to solar. We look forward to serving you! 

Sound Solar Systems Inc.

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