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Sound Solar Systems Inc.

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Why Solar Power


Solar power is a sound investment generating both long-term savings, and quick payback.​​ Solar Power Installation can Reduce your power bill by 50% - 100% 

Increase the property value of your house, 

Reduces your carbon footprint

Sound Solar system inc

We promise to deliver the highest quality solar design & installation services that follow
our customers throughout the life of their systems.  
We value commitment to our clients, environment
sustainability, being a leader in developing the solar industry

"​​​The Sound Solar team is professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful of my property and privacy.
They have a great work ethic, good work habits, strong safety orientation, 

and emphasized getting the job done right. Their pride in their work was evident."​

​-Dan, Tradebank Regina


To anyone who is interested in green energy, I strongly recommend

 the crew of Sound Solar.

 Right from the first phone call, in November of 2017 I was impressed

 by their passion, professionalism, and dedication. No trouble was spared 

to make sure the project fit my needs and my budget, not to mention my roof:

 James drew up three different planes to get a net-zero array

 that not only looks good, but works well. A real bonus was that 

Sound Solar does all the required paper work. The first possible spring day 

the roof was clear of snow, the crew was here. They finished the steel roofing

 that we had only half done, installed a new electrical panel 

and breakers-thereby upgrading my system from its 1960’s configuration

 and improved the wiring to be sure that everything was functioning as needed. 

Not one penny of extra charges over the estimate, work done

 precisely to specifications, and what a beautiful sight to see the

 bi-directional meter counting off the KWh as soon as SaskPower 

got around to installing it! Note that my house was built in 1887, 

about as old as a house can be around here; but there was no problem

 retrofitting it for the most modern of energy sources. I’m sure James,

 and their associates can do the same great job for anyone,

 and it is something well worth doing. Thanks, guys!

FYI: the panels were covered with 4” of snow from Jan. 27 to about

 March 11, and February was so cold that they couldn’t melt themselves

 clear despite day after day of blazing sunshine. The fist decent warm day

 started correcting that, and after 6 weeks of no production the meter started

 ticking off the kWh again. I was somewhat disgusted to have to pay SaskPower

 for the 633 kWh of use over production on the March bill, but that was the

 first time I paid over the basic monthly charge (plus GST on what I used:

 the feds have to get their cut?!) We’re getting a gain of around 30 kWh

 every sunny day now that spring has finally arrived! I should have caught up

 again by mid-April, when they read the meter again; and this year I might

 even be able to stay ahead. Thanks again for the superb job you did,

 and may you never not be busy doing what you do so well…..

best wishes to all

Val, Regina

We're very happy with our solar installation and how it has wiped out our power bill. Sound Solar did excellent work and there were no surprises from the original budget. We'd recommend James for anyone looking to install a solar system.



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Sound Solar Systems Inc.

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